The Grapes of Wrath


It was early spring and maybe I was too optomistic, but there were grapes ... and I bought them. Surely somewhere in Australia it was warm enought to grow grapes.

But no ... after 3 days, my normally fresh, juicy, firm grapes (not a euphemism!) were smouldering sickly looking things. I looked closer at the packaging and it was then I saw the problem ... GRAPES FROM CALIFORNIA. I have no doubt that grapes from California are great to eat in California but they have travelled too far from home and looked like most international travellers, after a long international trip and a few too many in-flight G&T's.

And it has left a nasty taste in my mouth. And it tastes a bit like carbon guilt but with a hint of irritation that something could  sneak in past my normally vigilant 'buy food that is in season and grown in Australia' radar.

My lesson is too look at those little 'Product Of .... ' labels giving you a hint to the exotic origin of the food. If it hasn't been grown in Australia I'll be walking away and waiting until it fruits on our fair, fertile soils.

It will definitely taste all the sweeter when it does.