painting & decorating

painting & decorating

Painting and decorating your house involves lots of decisions- colours, styles, finishes and associated environmental problems with paints, glues and renewing your look.

In this GIY Topic area find out about paints, floor finishes, carpets, choosing fixtures and fittings with an environmental mindset.

WATCH NOW: How to load a caulking gun


In this quick GIY video I show you how to load a caulking gun. It's an easy thing to do when you know how to get started.

Not only will you be able to draught-proof anything but you can tap into your inner Charlies Angel and combat anything. Of that I'm sure. 

It was a very quick film and edit and lacks the finess of my other GIY videos! Quick is good and if you can excuse the ocasional camera wobble and single take feel of it, I think you'll enjoy it. It's very raw. Yeah.

Trickiness rating: Easy