Your house may look like a well sealed little unit but air is very very sneaky and can leak in and out. It isn’t a problem if you are living in a tent but if you want to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer, you have to draft-proof.

It is not sexy and it is not exciting but makes a huge difference to your comfort when it is done.

WATCH NOW: How to draught-proof ducted gas heating vents


Your ducted heating vents may look like well-sealed units but lift a lid and you may be surprised to to find that not all is as it appears.

When you turn your heater on, warm air rushes through the ducts into your house but also draws freezing cold air in from the underfloor space though the gaps around the duct. (quack quack). This doesn’t make for really energy efficient heating.

Grab the caulking gun and seal the gap so you can heat your house without cooling it at the same time.

Trickiness Rating: EASY.

Draft proofing wall vents

Wall vents are basically holes in your walls. Some look quite decorative, others, just holey. This episode will show you how to do a quick fix for a classic Canberra wall vent.


To draft proof your home to keep the warmth  in your house in  winter - block them up. This temporary fix can be removed when Summer hits and you need to vent all the hot air from the house.  If you have air conditioning, leave the vents blocked up ... I think!


(Don't you love the voice of confidence and authority)


Trickiness rating: Easy