How to build the best in-garden worm farm

After many years of struggling with sub-standard worm farms I've finally got one that works without me working hard to make it work.

This is it. 

All you need is an old worm farm tray (or box that won't break down in the sunlight), a drill (to drill some more worm holes into it) and some worms. 

It does take up a bit of extra space in your garden but it gives back tenfold with great soil and healthy vibrant worms.

Let me know how you go.

Fact Sheet
Fact sheet

Worms don't like the heat. 

This in-garden worm farm allows them to escape into the soil to stay cool but return to the food to feast. 

If you get little black vinegar flies around your worm farm it means your scraps are fermenting and you need to feed them less until they start getting through it.

Keep your worm farm damp but not wet. 

Buy good quality worms. Look in your local suppliers for local composting worms.

Shopping list

Old worm farm tray (these are usually available at the tip-shop or from failed ones from friends) and lid


Coir (coconut fibre) brick


Vibrant wriggly worms (a mix of tiger, indian blue and red wrigglers are the ones I use in Australia)