NEW: Bokashi Basics - Smale scale composting for small spaces.

A bokashi bucket is a small-scale kitchen 'composting' bucket that works on the principle of fermentation.  It's a really easy and efficient form of composting if you haven't got lots of space.

The air-tight bucket can fit almost anywhere and can handle almost all your kitchen waste - raw and cooked food, meat, dairy, citrus and onions. The only thing it can't take is big bones and lots of liquid.

Your kitchen scraps, with the addition of the bokashi bran, quickly ferment resulting in miracle juice and 'bucket stuff'  thanks to bokashi teaming population of benefitial bacterial and micro-organisms. The juice is a fantastic liquid fertilizer for your garden and great addition to drains and waterways and the fermented wastequickly breaks down in the soil and is even better as a compost accelerater.

With compost, worm farm and chooks I didn't think I needed another pet but the bokashi bucket has been a really great addition to the family! 

Thanks to BokashiOne for giving me one to try out.  There are lots of brands available that all work in a similar way. You can also make your own.

Bokashi is a new way of composting. Keep trying it out until you get the hang of it.