WATCH NOW: How to draught-proof skirting boards

Skirting boards - the bits of wood that cover the gap where the wall meets the floorboards - look like they would be doing a good job of stopping cold air leaking under their skirts. Don't be fooled by this clever charade.

They are a common place for drafts to sneak in to your house but are really easy to fix.

Another adventure, stalking around the house with the caulking gun, awaits.

Trickiness rating: EASY

Fact Sheet
Fact sheet
If you wan't to get a few more of the facts about draught-proofing, read this pdf.
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Shopping list

Your will need:

Fullers Ultra Clear Caulk

  • $8/tube.
  • Available at most hardware stores but NOT Bunnings.

Moroday Gap Filler Rod

  • ~ $5/5 metre.
  • Available at most hardware stores.

More info and pictures on pdf. document.

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