WATCH NOW: Covering for windows to keep your house cool.

If you want to keep your house cool in summer without cranking up the energy-hungry cooling you have got to stop the sun hitting the glass. Here's a cheap way that works.

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If you're not quite up for the expense of awnings but still need to stop the hot-house effect this is the GIY job for you. We use a product called renshade, stick it up on your windows and skylights and it reflects the heat back out.


Fact Sheet
Fact sheet

We put a ‘reflective’ barrier called Renshade (basically Aluminium Foil laminated, perforated cardboard) on a west facing window. You can buy it here at EcoMaster (Australian site).

This is a quick, cheap and effective way of stopping the room heating up in Summer. If you want to be more comfortable during Summer but don’t want to spend a fortune on external shading, then this is a great project.

Most internal blinds and window coverings don’t do a great job at keeping the heat out. Heavy drapes with pelmets are OK but renshade is good, very good.

Fast Facts:

  • When sun hits a glass window, it heats up the room. If you want to stay cool in summer you have to stop the sun hitting the glass.
  • It is best to stop the sun hitting the glass from OUTSIDE with awnings, blinds, shade-cloth or deciduous vegetation. This can be costly and time- consuming (growing the trees and vines)
  • The next best thing is to reflect the heat back outside with something on the inside of the windows.
  • Renshade works a bit like a mirror reflecting heat from the sun, back outside. It blocks about 85% of the heat and light . The holes allow you to see some of the view outside.
  • It is great for west and east facing windows as well as skylights.
  • Renshade is can be taken down when the heat of Summer is over. and you want the free heat from the Sun.. Roll it up and store in a poster tube for next year.
  • It will help to keep your house cooler so you don’t have to run a cooling system as often if at all. This all means to lower bills and lower emissions.
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Shopping list

Shopping list for Renshading Windows.

You don’t need much for this GIY job but you will need the Renshade. You could probably also use rinsed out BBQ bags or tin foil or anything reflective (excluding your mood).

Renshade is manufactured in Melbourne. You can get it direct from the supplier or find an enviro/eco shop online that stocks it.

Approx cost:

1.35m x1m = $20.00 1.35m x5m = $81.00 1.35m x10m = $162.00

1.35m x 20m = $324.00

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