Baking up the wrong tree


On Sunday mornings my dad likes a croissant. Warm from the oven.

One oven. One croissant.

I love dad, and I love warm croissants but this challenges my notions of energy efficiency – basically because it is not at all. Dad just wants a croissant for breakfast and I want to use all that pent-up oven–energy and go baking mad. 

Confidence over Content


I didn't want this site to get all political but I listened to Dr. Richard Dennis debate Lord(?) Christopher Monkton at the Press Club. Eeeek.

I did like the Adam Spencer (ABC Radio) interview with Lord Monkton. He tried valiantly to get Lord Monkton to answer a few questions but his is good at getting around details and got around the questions with some 'shut-up' put-downs and good old-fashioned British bombasity. 



I've been working on this for a while. In my head more than at the desk.

Until now I have talked about ideas and on rare occasions take them into reality but here is GIY LIVE ... even if it is only a fledgling at the moment, flapping one little wing indicating signs of life.