Floriade Recipes: Mandarin, chick-pea cake, blueberry spelt muffins, homemade buttermilk and homemade baking powder


I'm doing a few shows at the fabulous floral festivos of Floriade again this year. In the 'Tasting Plate' kitchen under the theme 'The other flour festival' I cooked up some treats. Here they are. Good luck with them and let me know how you go.



Here is the fabulous recipe from Chrissy Freer's book 'Super Legumes'. If you like the idea of incorporating the super vegetable into all manner of recipes, this is a great book.

Floriade: Baguette recipe: The bread to bake when you think you can't bake bread


"You made this?" is usually the response when I turn up with a few crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside baguettes tucked under my wing. Truth is, I did make the bread, but it is almost easier than going to the shops. And people will be your friend with this bread. Really.



Hot water systems can one of the biggest energy users in your house, especially if it's a giant electric storage system and/or you've got people who seem to get trapped in a hot-water soaked stupor when they are in the shower.

It makes sense then that you insulate the tank and pipes to keep that precious and expensive hot water in and not let it all be lost to the cold winter air.

But can you insulate 'the works'?

Review: EcoSwitch


Stand-by power sucks. 

Most of us know that if you turn electroinic stuff off at the powerpoint  you save around 10% on your electricity bill.  But we don't because it's too darn tricky, and a little bit, well, dull.

There are heaps of technologically advanced things to help you. The EcoSwitch (RRP $19.95) is one of them. Five hard-wired GIY reviewers put it to the test and here's what they thought.

Who gives a crap. Toilet roll with a difference


I like puns.

I like marketing that uses word-play. It draws/sucks me in. Some people would argue that putting a pun into a business name is bad form. Au contaire. You only have to look at the success of such business as The Snuggle Inn, the Thistle Do Nicely scottish gift shop or the Lord of the Fries chip shop to know that puns = punch.

I like products with a good idea and a good heart.  

Review: Eco-washball



Eco-washball reviews 

We hand-picked  four grubby GIYers from the washing basket to review to eco-washball (RRP $37.95) a round plastic laundry-ball filled with 3 types of ceramic pellets. You throw it into the washing machine along with your clothes and ½ the detergent you’d normally use (or no detergent at all). I’d send you onto a link but the eco-washball site is currently down. As to the science in it, and what those little ceramic pellets might be doing, I’ve got a chemist onto it and the results will be posted here soon.
Our reviewers ran it through it’s paces and here’s what they thought.