WATCH NOW: How to load a caulking gun


In this quick GIY video I show you how to load a caulking gun. It's an easy thing to do when you know how to get started.

Not only will you be able to draught-proof anything but you can tap into your inner Charlies Angel and combat anything. Of that I'm sure. 

It was a very quick film and edit and lacks the finess of my other GIY videos! Quick is good and if you can excuse the ocasional camera wobble and single take feel of it, I think you'll enjoy it. It's very raw. Yeah.

Trickiness rating: Easy

WATCH NOW: How to read your electricity bill


Do you open your electricity bill with fear and dread of what it contains?  The confounding graphs, confusing codes and jibberish jargon ... not to mention the cost of it all.

Don't just look at it as a price to pay but a regular energy report card.

Grab your electricity bill and join me over a cup of tea to decode the highs and lows of the bill and why it's a great tool in your energy saving kit.

Watt a nice way to while away the kilowatt hours (groan-inducing joke).

WATCH NOW: How to fix a slimy, smelly, fly-ridden worm farm


Your worm farm should smell as sweet as a Richard Marcs love song, be a writhing mass of wrigglers happily munching through food and be free of any form of little black flies. 

If your worm farm is full of smelly, slimy uneaten food which is attracting hordes of little black vinegar flies your worm farm needs a makeover.

This video will show you how you can quickly fix it up so that it becomes a lean green wriggling composting machine.

Trickiness rating: Easy 

WATCH NOW: What's an all-in-one (AOI) cloth nappy?


Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN's) are a great alternative to disposables - in fact many types of MCN are just like putting on a disposable nappy only you wash them rather than throw them in the bin. 

All-in-one nappies are the closest cloth nappy to disposables - they are all in one piece with the stay-dry layer, absorbant layer and waterproof layer all sewn together.

This video takes you through the basics of the all-in-one (AIO).

WATCH NOW: Building up a worm farm.


A well working worm farm is a joy to see, and smell. Earthy rich soil and not a fly to be seen. 

Worms will turn all your organic scraps into fantastic garden fertilizer and don't take up much space - perfect in courtyards, balconies, carports and gardens. 

Worms are the perfect pet - you don't have to take them for walks, you feed them rubbish, you want their poo all through your garden and you can even carry them around in your hand-bag to cafes (if you're Paris Hilton)

Find out everything you need to know to build a worm farm from scratch.

WATCH NOW: An introduction to modern cloth nappies


Cloth nappies are no longer just about terry towelling squares. The modern cloth nappy (MCN)  just like a disposable only washable.

There are so many types, styles, materials and brands to choose from that it can get a bit overwhelming.

In this GIY video I give an intro into the different cloth nappy 'systems', styles and lingo so you can choose nappies that suit your bubbas bottom, and you. 

I give the nittygritty details on each 'system'  in separate videos. You will find these in the 'domestic delights' section.

WATCH NOW: How to draught-proof an extractor fan with a Draftstoppa®


Extractor fans are great for getting rid of smells and steam when they're switched on but the rest of the time they are drafty holes in your ceiling.

Seal them up when they aren't in use with a DraftStoppa® - a plastic casing that goes over your extractor fan in the roof cavity. It has a set of balanced shutters, a bit like butterfly wings, which open when the fan is turned on and close automatically when the fan is turned off.

It is a simple but brilliant idea that works to help stop drafts (hence the name).

WATCH NOW: How to fix a dripping tap


Dripping taps are a form of madness-making music and can waste heaps of water and energy if it is the hot water tap.

Tap into your inner plumber and fix it in a flash.

This GIY video shows how to fix a vandal-proof tap. There are many differend types of tap but most are the same underneath. The process of changing the valve/washer is all the same once the 'headgear' (tap) is off.

It doesn't show you how to fix a mixer (ceramic disc) tap.

TRICKINESS RATING: Moderately easy